How Vision is Achieved – Pt 3 of 3

• In light of the above, perhaps a rational process for inducing a new vision would involve:
o A Kingdom intervention (objective picture of the present reality and opportunities together with recommendations for change from a Kingdom perspective).
o Clarification of core values and mission and linking these with the new paradigm.
o Recognize Jesus in new forms, tools, concepts, and practices that allow incarnation in the present opportunity.
o A clear statement of the new vision and paradigm for doing ministry (functional equivalent of the Apostle Paul’s presentation to the Jerusalem Council and epistle to the Romans).
o Securing permission from the church to begin working from the new paradigm while leaving the old in place for those who cannot change at this time (as Paul gained permission to work among the Gentiles without Jewish forms)
o Reporting back the things God is doing in fulfilling the vision thus legitimizing the new paradigm for ministry.