I have experienced the Church in many different forms…raised Catholic, converted into dispensational cessationism at the age of 20, jumped to pentecostalism, backed out into a charismatic renewal focus and from there, I have migrated to a simple “Confessional Follower of Jesus,” meaning I believe in and stand by the orthodox and historic confessional creeds of the Church. For the last several years I have invested in the reformission of the Church with a gospel-centered hermeneutic. When the Church works, it is truly magnificent (yet, unfortunately, we have a long way to go!).

I have enjoyed the privilege of serving the Church as a co-church planter, pastor of multi-staffed churches, coach, mission’s executive, diagnostician, trainer, interventionist, and intentional interim. I have served in such varied places as Carson City (NV), Santa Barbara, Oceanside, Boone (IA), London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, the North Shore of O’ahu, the SF Bay Area, Manchester (NH), Temecula (CA), Torrance (CA), Taunton (MA), and most recently, in Rehoboth (MA).

I earned an M.A. degree in Leadership and Mission from Fuller Seminary. My all-time favorite book on leadership is “Leadership Is An Art” by Max DePree. What a great, and humbling, topic. These days I mostly read theology.

I have been married to Linda since 1978 and we have four adult children and seven grandsons.

I am a Managing Partner with VitalChurch Ministry where I serve as an Intentional Interim Pastor and also Lead the Diagnostics Division. Additionally, I serve as a Trustee with VitalChurch U.K. I am also the Founder of PRISM Leadership Group.

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