Can the Church Become Post-Racial?

First of all, let my apologize for dropping the ball on a consistent blog during the last few weeks. I’d also like to say, “Way to go…” to those at the Mid-Peninsula Vineyard who fasted during the Lent season. If you have any good stories or testimonies about how God met you, or insights you received — please let me know. And thanks to Bruce for hanging our “sin-cross” in the sanctuary. I’d like for us to have the opportunity to view it for the next several weeks — and remember that, “Our old way of life was nailed to the cross with Christ” (Rom 6:5, MSG).

Today I’m posting an interview between Efrem Smith and Spencer Burke dialoguing about the possibilities of a post-racial church. I think it will be helpful to jump-start our conversation about the possibilities. You can download questions for personal reflection or small group dialogue here.

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