Sense of Humor a Spiritual Gift? Many Think So, Survey Finds

I thought this was cute…

A third of Americans who identify themselves as Christians have never heard of spiritual gifts, a new Barna Group survey finds. Perhaps even more startling…

  • 21% of those who say they understand spiritual gifts claim to have gifts that the Bible never mentions — such as a sense of humor, singing, health, life, happiness, patience, a job, a house, compromise, premonition, and creativity. 
  • The survey concluded, “Between those who do not know their gift (15%), those who say they don’t have one (28%)
  • Those who claimed gifts that are not biblical (20%), nearly two-thirds of the self-identified Christian population who claim to have heard about spiritual gifts have not been able to accurately apply whatever they have heard or what the Bible teaches on the subject to their lives.”

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