We Are Desperate for God’s Intervention

The Bible is the only book in existence that requires a growing intimacy with the Author to fully comprehend the contents. I’ll explain…

I became a Jesus follower during college (I was right in the middle of the Jesus Revolution movie). As a new believer, I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I spotted a Bible as Literature Course being offered. I registered as quickly as I could. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get course credit for getting to know my Bible better! However, the first day of class was very confusing for me. It quickly became apparent that our professor knew the Bible very, very well—but she did not believe a single word of it. Ouch! I found that there were other Christians in the class, and over the course of the semester, she relished each and every opportunity to belittle and push back on anything and everything the Christian students would say. For our professor, the Bible was mythological nonsense. Looking back, I can see that apart from the regenerating presence and power of the Holy Spirit, we are completely incapable of encountering the Author of the Bible and discerning spiritual reality.

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