People Will See Our Faults Anyway…


Great quote from Practicing the Presence of People[1] by Mike Mason: “How tragic that the very thing that could set us free—playing the fool—is the thing we will not do. When we’re afraid to be fools, we end up afraid to be anything. It becomes easier just to disappear, to fade into the woodwork. We get to thinking that righteousness means hiding our faults, when really the truth is just the opposite. Pride wants to look good, but humility has no fear of looking bad. People will see our faults anyway; like Paul, we should glory in our weakness [see 2 Corinthians 12:9]. Then we’ll be free to have fun.”

[1] WaterBrook, 1999: 107.

1 thought on “People Will See Our Faults Anyway…

  1. Interesting book Gregg. Being real, authentic and vulnerable is so much of genuine pastoral ministry. The trick is when you get “played” by those who are none of those things, but have power and influence.

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