Linda’s Prayer for King’s Harbor Church


Linda spent most of the last two years working three days a week in Santa Barbara and then driving to Torrance/Redondo to be with me and with King’s Harbor Church on the weekends.  She was fully present when she was there and at the conclusion of our season of serving she wrote the following prayer that unfurls the beauty, faithfulness, mercy, grace, and majesty of God…

Dearest Father,

In our weakness, Your devoted love was stirred up on our behalf and You surrounded us with pastoral guardians from throughout the South Bay. Looking back, we now see that Your power is indeed made more perfect in our weakness. You have searched our hearts and answered prayers for healing through confession, repentance, and reconciliation by drawing us back to the Good Shepherd. You have disciplined us for our good, assuring us that in Your light we see light, we are forgiven, and find true liberty. Lord Jesus, refresh the souls of all who have walked together through this transition. Honor the volunteers, friends, and families who have sacrificed behind the scenes in less visible roles. May the faithfulness with which You have pursued us give us confidence that we are prepared for this next season of fruitful ministry.

Holy Spirit, grant King’s Harbor Church a time of green pastures and continued spiritual restoration as we live into the gospel together. Stir us to pray and teach us to discern good from evil, that we might fix our mind on the things that are above, growing a heart of wisdom for the times in which we live. We are grateful for our new pastor, Mike Dsane, and his wife, Sky. May they wear Your yoke, Lord Jesus, and not the yoke of our expectations.

Now may the good hand of God be evident in the King’s Harbor Church community both in word and in deed as we supremely treasure Jesus, our Lord and Savior. For from Him originates this Good News which is for all people and in which we stand! We ask these things in the glorious name of Jesus. Amen.

With love from Linda (and Gregg) Caruso

April 30, 2017

References to Scripture (in order from left to right)

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