SBF Leadership Letter

As a church, Southside Bible Fellowship is currently in a season of transition.  Last July reTURN/CRM completed a report (based on multiple surveys and interviews) that yielded five core issues, which are currently being addressed.  They are:

  1. SBF is being invited to more fully delight in God and to continue to cultivate an understanding of being delighted-in by the Person of Jesus.
  2. Commit to growing deeper in understanding, receiving, and giving God’s grace.
  3. Re-Establish Biblical Community.
  4. Re-Think and Re-Tool Leadership in the Church.
  5. Review and Revise administrative systems and policies/procedures.

As we seek to grow in these areas we want to continue to learn how to communicate the “truth in love” (Eph 4:15).  On Oct 8, 2011 Dana Towle resigned his functions as youth pastor, elder, and member of SBF.  Our desire in posting the leadership team’s response to Dana’s resignation is to communicate with love, clarity, and respect…

“As our Youth Pastor over the past several years Dana has served the youth and the Southside family with faithfulness, enthusiasm, and dedication.  His commitment to, and love for, the youth of our fellowship and the community has been confirmed by the love and respect the youth have shown him.  We are deeply grateful to Dana, Debbie, and their ministry team for the impact they have had on this vital ministry.  We are saddened with Dana’s decision to leave this ministry and our church at this time and we continue to pray for nothing less than God’s best for Dana and Debbie as they move forward.  They will be missed.

Youth Pastor was one of the two roles Dana filled during his time at Southside.  He also served as an Elder on the Leadership Team.

Over these past few years we have struggled with some tough and challenging times, which led to some difficult meetings.  There were occasions when Dana would present ultimatums indicating he would leave the church before agreeing to a given position. In the past we were able to resolve these differences, however, this was not the case at this time. Dana’s perception of where he believes the church is moving is at odds with the rest of leadership and he apparently found the disagreements to be beyond reconciliation and submitted his resignation. As a Leadership Team we had hoped to continue to work toward an understanding regarding our differences.

We chose to believe that God will continue to draw us toward His purposes for Southside and we look forward to an opportunity for reconciliation.”

–The SBF Leadership Team

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