Declining vs Thriving Churches

Good food for thought…

Declining Congregational
Members are:
Thriving Congregational
Participants are:
Committed to the church
Committed to Christ
Managing committees
Deploying mission
Holding offices
Doing hands-on ministries
Making decisions
Making disciples
Trained for membership
On a life long development track
Serving at the church
Serving in the world
Preoccupied with raising money
Preoccupied with rescuing people
Retiring from church work
Finding personal fulfillment
Surveying internal needs
Pursuing constant personal growth
Eager to know everyone
Sensitized to community
Loyal to each other
Eager for everyone to know God
Building faith on information
Building faith on transformation
Perpetuating a heritage
Building faith on experience w/ Christ
Hanging on
Visioning a future

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