Being Intentional About Growing

As summer runs its course and the school year starts here are some questions that will help each one of us to consider how to best spend our time…

  1. What weekly commitments do I find replenishing and which do I find depleting?
  2. What do I need to stop doing?
  3. Whose approval means the most to me? Why?
  4. Are my priorities honoring my life in Christ? If Jesus was living my life, would he commit himself to the same weekly things I am?
  5. I know spiritual growth doesn’t just happen- so, how am I going to intentionally invest in my spiritual growth this year?
  6. How and when am I going to spend time with my family or closest friends each week this year?
  7. Who will mentor me this year?
  8. Who will I mentor this year?
  9. Who am I going to “do life” with this year? (a community question)
  10. How and when will I exercise in order to stay, or get, physically fit this year?
  11. How will I grow stronger in Christ & stay closely connected to his family, this year?
Some thoughts on growing stronger in Christ this school year:
  1. Regular time with God reading the Scriptures and continuing to learn how to listen.
  2. A regular time with same-sex friends sharing and supporting each other.
  3. A weekly time with my church family worshiping God together on Sundays.
  4. A regular weekly time volunteering and serving others.

May God lead you to set your priorities and schedule your life in ways that bring glory and honor to His name!

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