Redeeming Love by Francine Waters

I recently finished reading this book and made some notes for a manuscript I’m working on. It’s a worthy read about a girl who grows up to become a prostitute having only encountered men as being wickedly self-centered and abusive. Michael Hosea, a man of deep and authentic faith, sees her on the street one day accompanied by her body guard and falls instantaneously in love with her. The rest of the book is the redemptive story of their transformation.

  • He [Michael] wasn’t going to embrace sex and lose sight of love (pg 155)
  • Sex is, “meant to be a celebration of love.” (pg 155)
  • “That’s why he’s on his knees …“He’s fighting for her the only way he can.” [Miriam to Paul regarding viewing Michael in the field praying for his wife.]
  • He [Paul] had plotted her [Angel’s] destruction and destroyed himself in the process. From that time, he had been consumed by hatred, blinded by it. I have been insufferable and self-righteous and cruel. The revelation was bitter and painful, but a relief, too. There was an odd sort of freedom in standing before a mirror and seeing himself clearly. For the first time in his life. (pg 450)
  • If it hadn’t been for Miriam, what would he have become? Loving her had softened him. She had seen something in him he’d never imagined anyone one … could see. (pg 450)
  • Now that he [Paul] thought back, he couldn’t remember one time when she had defended herself. Why hadn’t she? (pg 450)
  • If he [Paul] had reached out just once as Miriam had said, maybe things would have been different, but he was too proud, too sure he was right. (pg 450)
  • He [Michael] held out his hand. “Hello Sarah.” She looked endearingly confused as she placed her hand in his. He shook it and grinned down at her. I’m very pleased to meet you. Finally.” (pg 462)
  • Michael had once read to her how God had cast a man and woman out of Paradise [she had been a prostitute at the Pair-A-Dice Saloon]. Yet, for all their human faults and failures, God had shown them the way back in. (pg 462)
  • Love the Lord your God, and love one another. Love one another as he loves. Love with strength and purpose and passion and no matter what comes against you. Don’t weaken. Stand against the darkness, and love. That’s the way back into Eden. That’s the way back to life. (pg 462)

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